Islam Factor is an Islamic multifaith forum which was founded as a bold experiment in Muslim freedom of expression, freedom of speech and cooperation with people from all walks of life. Some who follow, agree with or are amicable to Islam and some who are opposed. Whether you agree with or follow Islam or not, whether you oppose Islam or not, no matter the nation, race, religion or creed we are from, we all have one thing in common. We all are human-beings with the same basic needs, hopes and emotions.

Our forum hopes to promote an almost unheard of tolerance (that eludes many Muslim groups) that transcends all of our differences while discussing the critical issues that divide us as human-beings. We will challenge our own ideals and those of each other. Issues involving Islam on all levels (inside and outside of the Islamic community) will be discussed on our forum openly. This forum will be a mode communication that allows for dissension and encourages methods to overcome the critical problems that concern us all.

We are different than any Islamic or religious forum on the net! Although we have rules like all forums do, we allow for the freedom to express opposing ideas from external individuals (non-Muslims) and from Muslims themselves (Sunni or Shia). We are a unified non-sectarian Islamic multifaith forum.